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The primary responsibilities as a human resource leader and manager are:

1.    To develop a thorough knowledge of corporate culture, plans and policies.
2.    To act as an internal change agent and consultant.
3.    To initiate change and act as an expert and facilitator.
4.    To actively involve himself in company’s strategy formulation.
5.    To keep communication lines open between the HRD function and individuals and groups both within and outside the organisation.
6.    To identify and evolve HR strategies in consonance with overall business strategy.
7.    To facilitate the development of various organisational teams and their working relationship with other teams and individuals.
8.    To try and relate people and work so that the organisation objectives are achieved effectively and efficiently.
9.    To diagnose problems and to determine appropriate solution particularly in the human resources areas.
10. To provide co-ordination and support services for the delivery of HRD programs and services.
Discuss the video from Brendon Burchard “What Great Leaders Actually do”.