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“The future is social.”
Promoters of social entrepreneurship agree that social enterprises are the best business forms to answer the urging economic and social problems worldwide:

o   economic crisis,
o   business is not rewarding enough for many people working in it,
o   growing environmental problems,
o   unequal distribution of incomes.

Those who think of starting a social enterprise, or turning their existing business into a social enterprise, can be encouraged by some new and emerging opportunities.
Faced by the above-mentioned social and environmental problems, many people want to change their attitudes. Some of the below tendencies open up new opportunities for social enterprises:
o   New generations are looking for more rewarding jobs where they can have the sense of changing things for better.
o   Social enterprises are widely promoted by business media, TED’s and social media.
o   Businesses are getting aware of their social and environmental responsibility beyond philanthropy and volunteering.
o   Charities recognize that they can become more sustainable if using business tools and trading.
o   More and more customers are aware that they can make a change by the way they use their saving and spending power.
Questions for you
In your opinion can social enterprises give a valid answer to the above listed social problems and challenges? If they can’t, why not? If they can, how?

Think of a social problem in your region/town/village? In what way would you tackle this problem?

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