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Social entreprise vs. businesses
Social entrepreneurs think that “a business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” When compared to charities social enterprises look more like businesses. But what do common businesses and social enterprises have in common? And how are they different?

Criteria that differentiate SEs from ordinary businesses:

o   They have a clear social/environmental mission.
o   They put most of the profit back into social change. (The reinvested profit can vary from half to 100%)
o   They should pay their staff equitably.

Many social enterprises are ethical businesses and many ethical businesses are social enterprises, they just use a different label to show their distinctive business principles.
In some other cases the ethical businesses do work primarily for the financial benefit of their owners and shareholders (like common businesses),
but they want to reduce the harm done to people and planet through their work. Unlike them, the SE work primarily for the people and the planet.
Many large companies who make tremendous profits do philanthropy.
Watch the video of Muhammad Yunus (Peace Nobel prize winner in 2006).  
Yunnus, a proeminent figure of the global social enterprise movement, speaks about what he thinks about business philanthropy and social

Questions for you
In what points do you agree with Muhammad Yunus? What do you think different?

Think of a global or local company which is well known for philanthropy.
What do you think could they increase their social impact if they worked as a SE? Which option sounds better to you: social enterprise or philanthropy? Why?

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