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Social entreprise vs. charities
When we talk about social impact, social mission, world famous charities come to our mind. There is a narrow division line between charities and SEs.
As the social/environmental mission is a common root for both charities and SEs, some charities can decide to develop into a SE in order to make more powerful impact in their field of activity.

Such an example is The Empowerment Plan, a Detroit-based project that hired homeless women from shelters to become full-time seamstresses.
The women make a coat that can also be a sleeping bag; it is given to homeless people for free. Billionaires Sara Blakely, Dan Gilbert, as well as Madonna, are financial supporters.
To make a better impact the founders added for-profit products to their offer.
Questions for you
Can you think of an urging social/environmental problem in your neighbourhood/city?
What do you think what kind of organization could tackle it better: a social enterprise or a charity? Why?

Listen to Ernesto Sirolli who had long experience in working with charities and decided to make a social enterprise facilitator network instead of a charity for better impact in the third world:

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