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What is a social entreprise?
Social enterprises are - compared to other types of enterprises - special in many respects:

• their entrepreneurial activities aim at innovation and a pragmatic, sustainable, significant, positive change of society
• solving social or ecological problems is part of their primary aims
• a value-based mission, opposed to the primary aim of profit-making, foregrounds their work
• many social enterprises are operating as non-profit organisations, and most of them are micro-enterprises with less than 10 employees
• typical areas for their work are education, environmental protection, job creation for people with disabilities, poverty reduction and human rights.

Watch the examples of SEs acknowledged by forbes Magazine:
Jordan Kassalow is on the Forbes IMPACT 30 list, top social entrepreneurs. He is an optometrist by training who has been running an organization that sells ready-made reading glasses to people in the developing world. He talks about his motivation to start a SE.
Bridget Hilton is on the Forbes list of the Best Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs. She is the founder of LSTN, a company that makes high-quality, stylish headphones from reclaimed wood. For every pair sold, LSTN helps restore hearing for a person in need. Bridget talks about how her business works for the good.
Questions for you
What is common in the two above successful business stories?
Can you find any common feature between the stories above and your story? What was/would be your motivation in setting up your business?

Can you think of a good example of social enterprise from your region? What social problem does this enterprise address? Does it meet all criteria mentioned above?

Useful resources
Read about good practices of social enterprises: http://seedproject.eu/uploaded/tiny/files/seed_toolbox_o2_v3.pdf